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Why should you choose US for studying computer science?

US university are considered the top educational institutes among all the universities in the world. American universities are dream study destination for many students because of the flexible study system, advanced study programs and high-tech facilities in department of education. Computer science is a very famous course among students for higher education. In this course, students are taught about computational systems and computer systems. It is considered both theoretical and practical course as it involves dealing with software and different types of applications. Many international students choose to study computer science in universities of USA. Universities of America are ranked among top ranking universities among world. United States have a wide range of international market and provides large number of job opportunities for potential candidates. US provides high living standards and modern society of living to their students. These universities provide various scholarship to students to help them financially to make their living in US affordable. International students require proficiency in English to study computer science programs in US.

Courses offered in Computer Science:

Universities of United Stated offers various degree courses in computer science at undergraduate and postgraduate level. At undergraduate level, universities provide courses such as Bachelors of Science in Computational technology, Game, Technology, Computer science, Design (3years) and Bachelor of Arts in Computer science (4 years).         

Some universities also provide courses related to computer science at postgraduate level. Generally, Masters in Computer science is a two-year course, which may include training or internships. Some of these courses are: Masters (MS) in Computer Science, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Information technology, Software engineering, cyber security and Robotics. These courses provide specialization in different fields of Computer Science.

Job opportunities for Computer science graduate:

Field of computer science is one of the most promising and emerging field all across the globe. This field has high job opportunities and employment rate is also very high. United States has many computers application-based companies which provide a large employment opportunity for graduates in computer science. All bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in Computer Science from Universities in US are internationally recognizable and have high value in international market but also depends upon personal skills and merits. After completing the study in computer science, graduates can work in following positions in respective departments:

  • System Analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Website Designer
  • Data Analyst
  • System Analyst
  • Web Designer
  • Forensic Computer Analyst
  • Application Analyst
  • Machine learning Engineer
  • Game Designer
  • Internet Service Specialist

Best Universities to study computer science in US:

University of Massachusetts:

Being established in 1863, university of Massachusetts is one of the oldest universities in United states for higher eduaction. It is one of the most preferred universities by students due to its large infrastructure, amazing campus life and top-notch education quality. University is among top institutes when it comes to field of technology. It provides various courses on both undergraduate and post-graduate level. Some of these courses are such as: B.Sc. computer science and engineering, B.A. computer science, MS computer Science, MS Artificial Intelligence and MS Robotics.

University of Massachusetts has total 4 different campuses;

  • Campus of Boston
  • Campus of Lowell
  • Campus of Amherst
  • Campus of Dartmouth

It provides approximately 100 undergraduate degrees, 78 degrees at master’s level and total 48 doctoral programs. In order to get admitted in any of the campus of Massachusetts, GRE is mandatory for every student.

If you’re an international student, you should have an English proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL.  University ranked among top 20 institutes of world in the field of computer science and has specialty in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Carnegie Mellon University:

Established in 1900, Carnegie Mellon University is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This university is known for its advance research and top quality of education in the field of computer science. They have different departments in different fields such as robotics, machine learning and school of computer science. This university provides bachelors degree in computer science such as:

  • Computer science
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Computational biology

They also provide masters degrees in various fields like:

  • Automated science
  • Computational biology
  • Computer science
  • Educational technology and applied learning science
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Software engineering
  • Information technology
  • Computational data science

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has a campus of 157 acres and shares its west border with university of Pittsburgh. It has total 81 buildings and have lush green gardens and lawns. It provides a pleasant environment to its students and have a high-quality campus life.  

Stanford University:

Situated in Stanford, California, near the city of Palo Alto, Stanford University is one of top study destination for computer science students. It has one of the largest campuses in United states with wide area of 8180 acres. Stanford University has wide range of programs at both undergraduate and Postgraduate level of higher education. They ranked among top universities in field of Computer Science and provide various specialization masters’ degree to students. Courses offered to students at undergraduate level are:

  • Computer engineering
  • Bio computation
  • Human-computer Interaction
  • Graphics
  • System technology
  • Information Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence

The university also have various specialization at postgraduate level such as:

  • Real World Computing
  • Human-computer Interaction
  • Software Theory
  • Theoretical Computer science
  • Information management and Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bio computation
  • Computer and Network Security

Stanford University offers computer science degree programs to students who don’t even have any prior experience or learning of coding. Their CS106 course is taken by many students as it provides introduction to computer science and coding.


United States is a developed country and has large job opportunities. It has high standard of living and advanced technologies. Universities of United States are top ranked universities in the field of computer science. Both undergraduate and postgraduate level degrees are available to international students. Most of the universities also provides financial help to students as scholarships, stipends and more. Degrees from these universities are according to international standards and can be recognized internationally. This means getting degree from universities of United States will surely worth. I hope this article on Computer science in United States will help you to decide your desired study program and destination.

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